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Wenn Bingo, dann professionell! 




Nach oben

Wir bieten ihnen nicht nur die professionellste Bingo Anlagen weltweit, sondern auch das passende Zubehör.

So wird ihr Event perfekt und sie generieren garantiert doppelte Spielfreude! Z. B. mit den passenden UNImax Papern in vielen verschiedenen Ausführungen und den lustigen, für wahre BINGO Liebhaber unverzichtbaren, Dabbern!





Our premium brilliank ink, Bingo Brite as well as the Dabbin' Fever line offer you our patented Groove Grip player comfort design bottle shape. Great for the serious bingo players. Available in many popular colors!

Ultima Wink has a high quality ink formula which adds color and clarity to your bingo game.





Eigentlich gibt es tausende von Bingo Paieren auf der Welt


Unimax Product Image

UniMax® Bingo Paper

Mini 75 Product Image

  • Single Serial Number
  • Sequential Audit Number
  • More Dabbing / More Fun

Bingo Players Love to Play on UniMax Bingo Paper!

The Numbers are easier to read due to half size border... less eyestrain!

UniMax Bingo Paper has unique features for the Bingo Player, Bingo Game Operator and Distributor.

UniMax Bingo Paper comes in a standard color rotation as shown on the right. The striped borders help to keep the players using the correct border color paper at your Bingo Game.

    As a Bingo Game Operator:

  • You will never again have to record the serial number on each sheet of a book.
  • You can virtually eliminate players from bringing bingo paper in from another game or prior session!

    Player Preferred UniMax Bingo Paper.

  • Bingo Paper Series - 60, 70, 80 & 90.
  • Every 6 ON - minimum one dab per call.
  • A minimum of two dabs and often four or more on every 9 ON sheet for most game patterns.
  • Everyone has an equal chance to win.
  • Secondary Free Space makes verification easy and adds integrity to your bingo game.
  • Benefits of Player Preferred UniMax Bingo Paper.
  • More player involvement in the game.
  • More players are close to a bingo.
  • Players have fun and want to come back.
  • Printed on a heavier sheet so no wax sheet is needed.




>>>>>>Here are some examples for every kind of Bingo Paper:













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